Joseph Serviss

About Me

If you are here it is because you want to learn a little bit more about me. My name is Joe Serviss and I am a Business, Marketing and Finance Teacher in Concord, North Carolina. Everything I have done in my life has prepared me for a career in education. Coming from industry has given me a distinct advantage when working with high school students. My past experience includes retail management, retail banking, lending, and investment banking, as well as insurance sales. I have served in so many capacities enabling me the opportunity to work in so many different customer service scenarios. This has truly allowed me to harness and significantly improve my ability to work with people.

My most relevant experience that has prepared me for the world of education is certainly retail management. The demographic of my employees was often the teenagers I now serve in the capacity of an educator. There is no better way for me to serve my community than to prepare these youngsters for the real world ahead. I still treat my students like employees. They receive evaluations, constant feedback, the freedom to do their job with minimal interference outside of training, and the ability to progress forward in their "career." They are also held accountable when they fail to meet the standards set for them. 

I am a passionate, compassionate, often empathetic and loving teacher who wants to give students a chance to prove themselves. No matter their background and upbringing when given a chance I have proven over and over again that students will often succeed if you allow them the opportunity to. How can we expect them to make the right decisions for themselves when we choose when they go to the bathroom. It all starts with something as simple as that. 

The past two years I have been nominated "Teacher of the Year" and while I have not yet held the title officially I am very proud of the nomination. I have lost to very worthy individuals who have been teaching in our school system for a lot longer than I have. I am proud to be named amongst them and to be recognized for my achievements. 

Education still needs a lot of work and it truly starts with change. Organizational change is something I studied in college and found very valuable because as we all know people are afraid of change. Self-Reflection is the first part of any change. Forget what you can change about someone else. What can you change about yourself? How can you become a better person than you currently are? How will you be the best version of yourself day in and day out? How will you make tomorrow better than today? How will you help others grow and be a leader? These are just some of the questions I ask myself at the start of every day. These are also the questions and expectations I set for my students at the start of each day as well. We all know it is very easy to point a finger at others but we would be much better off if we were just as willing to point the finger at ourselves and make a difference in our own life. Remember the glass house!