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Hunting for a job these days is as much a skill as everything you place on your resume. In order to be competitive and relevant in the current environment there are certain things that have become the norm and certain things that have become an antiquated practice. 

As a career coach I will teach you about current employment trends, resumes, cover letters, online presence, networking and so much more.

I have been a career coach for several years but only recently have I decided to extend my services to all consumers. Up until this year I have provided the service to military service veterans who were transitioning from military life to civilian life. I will still offer that service to them at a 75% discount because as a veteran and a patriot I support my fellow brothers and sisters. 

Hiring career coaches can be costly and often times they will simply give you a whole bunch of checklists and tell you to get to work. My process is very different because it is all about you and what I can teach you. I want you to learn them and perfect them. This is how you will become successful.

For more information use the Contact Me, or e-mail or call me. 

Services provided are provided for an agreed upon fee. Coaching is not therapy and I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am proud to be a Career Coach. 

  • Self-Assessment

  • Career Direction

  • Career transition

  • Professional Development

  • Job Search Strategy


  • Cover Letters

  • Interviews

  • Networking

  • online footprint

  • personal branding

  • ​Student coaching

  • salary negotiation

  • ​Communication

  • ​Work-Life Balance